If you’ve always wanted to own your own classic car, but perfect condition models for sale aren’t affordable, we have good news. There is a secret to finding the perfect vintage car for sale, at an affordable price, and it’s with barn finds. Thankfully, at Classic Car Stop, we are experts in finding the best barn finds for sale in the UK.
Whether you are wondering what a barn find is, or are already familiar and want to discover the best way to find your very own classic car, here’s our essential guide. Your perfect classic car is out there, just waiting to be discovered – and with barn finds hidden all over the country, it may be closer than you think…
What is a barn find?
You may be wondering what a barn find is, when it comes to finding affordable classic cars for sale. A barn find is simply, a classic car – or motorcycle – that has been rediscovered after a long time in storage. Think of a vintage car that’s been left in an old barn, to be discovered decades later: it’s in this way which you can uncover some veritable treasure troves across the UK – and within them, a wealth of vintage vehicle gems.
But barn finds aren’t only found in farmyards and rural fields. As well as in old barns, barn finds are often found in garages, sheds, and other storage buildings where they have been left and forgotten about for many years. Having not been taken care of properly for decades, they’re usually in a derelict condition – and this also makes them perfect for enthusiasts who want to restore a classic car back to its former glory.
Know the best place to look for barn finds for sale
To find a great hidden barn find takes some detective work. After all, it is a find: the whole point of them is that they have sat undiscovered until now. This can involve spotting the derelict car in your local area simply by driving around and asking property owners, by rifling through local classified ads, or by keeping a keen eye on your local newspapers.
But by far, the simplest way to uncover your own barn find has to be by using an expert car treasure hunting service, like Classic Car Stop. This is where amazing classic car and barn find listings are updated regularly, from all across the country. From classic cars that are no longer wanted, to barn finds that require extreme restoration, this is your one-stop classic car stop to uncover amazing automotive finds – and all at your fingertips. Add the For Sale area to your bookmarks and be sure to regularly check back to get your hands on an incredible deal as soon as it becomes available.
How can you make money from classic car barn finds?
Not only are they exciting to discover and a lot of fun to fix up, barn finds can even turn a substantial profit for the person who purchases them and fixes them up. Long forgotten cars can be worth a fortune now, having appreciated in value since they were last put into storage.
We’ve all dreamt of throwing off the sheets covering an old car which has been discarded in a garage – only to discover a long abandoned vintage Porsche 356 Speedster. But even much less in demand vintage cars, once you have restored them yourself, can later fetch sale prices far higher than the cost of the initial barn find and the cost of the materials you used to fix it up.

Weighing up the practical costs of a classic car barn find and its value
Usually, barn finds will require some restoration work, since they have been left uncared for for many years. When you are looking for your ideal barn find, there are two key considerations you should weigh up: what repairs you will need to undertake to bring the car back to life, and how much that will cost you.
Be aware that a cheap classic car which you have discovered as a barn find could quickly become more expensive if you need to have a lot of professional repair work done to it. However, if the repairs required are minimal, or you are able to complete them yourself at little cost, then you could find yourself on to the perfect barn find buy.
Important things to check with your barn find
When you have your barn find to hand, one of the first things you should do is start the car to see if the motor will start. You’ll need to remove the old petrol from the tank and replace with new petrol, check to see if there are any leaks from it, and replace any rubber fuel lines you need to. You’ll also need to hook up a new, fully charged battery to the car and check that the power is going to the coil, as well as draining and replacing the oil.
These are obviously crucial elements to get right if you want the car to actually be drivable – and not to mention, safe – and so, dependent on your car engineering experience, it can be a good idea to get a professional to work on these initial needs, before you go on to restore the rest of the vehicle.
Once you have these first elements in place, you’ll then move on to fixing up the steering, tyres, charging system, cooling system, brakes, transmission, lights and more, and then later, the aesthetics and body work.
How to restore a barn find
If you’re buying a classic car as a barn find, you can expect to do some repair work yourself. And in many barn finds, this can also mean some extreme restoration is needed. Before you take on the restoration work, be sure to make a budget of what the entire project will cost you, including the cost of the materials you will need for the repair work, and make sure that you are confident that you have the skills to do so, too.
Classic car restoration can be one of the most fun projects you can ever take on – and not to mention, the most rewarding – and restoring a barn find to its rightful driveable, vintage car beauty is arguably as satisfying as it gets. For more advice on embarking on your own classic car restoration, you can read our tips here.
Ready to find your own incredible classic car find, and learn how to restore your perfect vintage car? Head to Classic Car Stop now to uncover your own barn find hidden gem.

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